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Providing timely help for rectal disease

80 percent of the over-thirties will be affected by symptomatic haemorrhoids at least once in their lives, men more often than women. Modern dermatology has gentle treatment methods available to it, which are superior to surgical intervention especially in the early stages. Thromboses in the anal area can be treated extremely successfully with lasers.

Painful anal fissures respond very well to relaxation techniques and the regular application of antispasmodic creams. In severe cases, botulinum toxin is a highly effective option. Chronic itching in the rectal area is an often excruciatingly painful, frequently hidden problem. A specialist dermatological treatment can, in most cases, provide lasting relief. Medical advice on a healthy, balanced diet can prevent serious illnesses – experts believe that over a third of all bowel cancers can be attributed to poor diet.

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