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Psoriasis – don’t give up!

Psoriasis can be treated. Personalised treatment, where we observe and weigh up what works for a particular individual is always essential. All options need to be considered.


Depending on the degree of severity, treatment options include exfoliating preparations containing salicylic acid, vitamin D3 or even cortisone. We offer treatments using UV light and combined bath and light therapies; in particular, the PUVA therapy. In terms of drug treatments there is a broad spectrum of products available ranging from vitamin A acids to agents that inhibit cell growth.

In recent years, research has helped us to understand psoriasis as an inflammatory cascade involving what are generally useful immune defences. A new generation of drugs is using these findings and intervening highly specifically in the chain of events that causes psoriasis by blocking the neurotransmitters associated with antibodies. Researchers are still working on achieving as favourable as possible a balance between the effects and side-effects of these drugs.

Our practice provides data to the German national psoriasis register, PsoBest. In this way we are actively involved in healthcare research and ensuring that medically verified progress is promptly passed on to patients.

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