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Skin cancer that is detected at an early stage can almost always be cured.

In particular, people with especially light skin or a large number of moles are advised to undergo preventative check-ups with a dermatologist on a regular basis. This painless skin check can eliminate many risks. An examination may protect you from serious disease. Pigmentation marks, moles or liver spots may be completely harmless, but can change with the passage of time. Nowadays, suspicious or unfamiliar moles can be cleared up early on and treated successfully.

Ultra-modern expert systems increase accuracy in the early detection of skin cancer.

We offer state-of-the-art diagnostic methods:

  • When examining suspicious moles, the MelaFind® diagnostic tool provides information on deeper dermal layers in a non-invasive way.
  • FotoFinder dermoscope® documents the appearance of the skin digitally, thus enabling an objective record to be made of it.
  • Total Body Mapping® is a further development of the FotoFinder diagnostic tool to an even higher level of safety.
  • Vivosight® offers painless assistance when diagnosing non-melanoma skin cancer, benign skin tumours and inflammatory skin changes.

Do not hesitate if you notice a change in your skin – bring your questions to us.



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