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What exactly is the miraDry® procedure?

miraDry® is a rapid non-invasive permanent solution for excessive underarm perspiration. The treatment is performed as an outpatient procedure in your doctor’s office. The miraDry® system is placed on the skin of your underarm. By precisely controlled delivery of electromagnetic energy into the underarm sweat glands these are eliminated non-invasively. Since sweat glands once treated do not regenerate, the result is an effective and permanent reduction in underarm perspiration.


What happens after treatment?

There is no or just minimum downtime after the procedure. Most probably your physician will prescribe a mild over-the counter pain reliever and cool packs for a few days. In general, after a few days you will be able to return to your normal daily activities, go back to work and do sports. Minor pain and swelling is normal and usually disappears within a few weeks. Some patients note a brief change in skin sensation at their underarms or upper arms which will vanish gradually.

Which results can I expect?

Most patients experience a marked reduction in their underarm perspiration – a recent trial reported a mean reduction in perspiration of 82%. You will note decreased perspiration immediately after the treatment. As with any medical treatment the outcome may vary from patient to patient.

How long will the effect last?

Since sweat glands do not regenerate once treated, the result is permanent. The miraDry® procedure is a safe, non-invasive FDA-approved technology to eliminate underarm sweat glands.

Don’t I need the underarm sweat glands?

Your body is home to more than 4 million sweat glands. Only about 2% are located in your underarms. Elimination of these 2% does not affect the cooling function of your body.

What is the difference between miraDry® and other treatment options?

Other treatment options deactivate sweat glands only temporarily or involve surgical techniques with their corresponding risks. Only miraDry® with its non-invasive treatment offers a permanent solution.

Is the miraDry® procedure right for me?

If embarrassing underarm perspiration, stained clothes and frequent use of anti-perspirants make your life miserable, miraDry® may just be the solution to your problems. Ask your physician if miraDry® may be the procedure of choice for you.


  • Markedly reduced underarm perspiration
  • Immediate permanent results
  • Non-invasive
  • No or just minimum downtime
  • Safe outpatient procedure

“miraDry® has really turned my life around.”
– Joanna S.
“I am truly happy with the outcome. For the last two years I have been able to wear clothing such as silk and bright colors which I could not do before.”
– Renee G.
„miraDry® bolstered my self confidence. Thank you very much!”
– Chris G.

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Botulinum toxin

The media are making fun of stars who keep their underarms dry with botox so as not to stain their valuable borrowed garments. However, this is not funny at all for about two and a half million people. Without tangible reason or cause they constantly suffer from excessive perspiration, no matter if the weather is hot or cold. A malfunction in the nervous system excessively stimulates the sweat glands which then overreact all the time. The heartbreak of hyperhidrosis is rooted in genetics. Those afflicted suffer from excessive perspiration, most often starting during puberty, primarily under stress and even the slightest physical activity. However, excessive perspiration may also be caused by disorders such as hyperfunction of the thyroid or by the side effects of medication, for example hormones.

This affliction is upsetting – particularly because patients feel as if the people around them turn up their noses at them. A trial at Ruhr University Bochum in Germany reported: “The suffering in patients with hyperhidrosis is worse than in neurodermatitis and psoriasis.”

We are able to offer something effective. The treatment with botulinum toxin noted above is not a Hollywood craze but an absolutely respectable proven and safe procedure. Small amounts of the active ingredient are injected below the skin and block signal transmission from the nerves to the sweat glands. The effect is immediate and lasts for several months.