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Against excessive perspiration

A permanent solution for excessive perspiration. Ground-breaking noninvasive technology utilizing microwave energy for the safe and permanent elimination of underarm perspiration.

The miraDry system is the result of a 5-year research & development effort including an extensive long-term clinical trial directed by leading dermatologists in the United States.

Thermolysis of the sweat glands yields permanent results
The miraDry system guides precisely controlled microwave energy into the area of the sweat glands. The heat induced by the energy results in thermolysis of the sweat glands. At the same time a continuous hydroceramic cooling system protects the top layer of the skin and limits the amount of heat applied to the sweat glands. Since sweat glands once treated do not regenerate, the result is effective and permanent. Most patients report a marked reduction in perspiration. A current trial saw a mean reduction in perspiration by 82%.
¹ Data on file with Miramar Labs

miraDry® – A permanent solution for excessive underarm perspiration. Click here for more details.


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