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Appropriate treatment of acne and rosacea

Nowadays, juvenile acne and postadolescent acne (acne tarda) is very well understood by dermatologists. Depending on the stage, there are a variety of appropriate treatment options whose benefits have been critically assessed. To start with there are combinations of creams with different active ingredients, the use of a microfibre cleansing cloth and skin peels for anti-inflammatory treatment and to refine the skin. For young women, taking the pill, if used correctly, can enhance the treatment outcome. Vitamin A acid is a successful and safe medication. In the majority of cases we can achieve progress after around four weeks. Acne scars can be successfully eliminated with modern laser systems.

Rosacea, also known as couperose or facial erythrosis, can have a similar appearance to acne. However, it is not hormone-related, but instead in all probability can be attributed to a genetic disposition. Here too even more effective treatment options are available to us.  We can make targeted use of cortisone-free creams to calm the malfunctioning blood vessels, with visible success within a month. Vitamin A acids and fruit acid peels are effective against pustules and papules. Residual reddening can be removed with the dye laser, whilst in the case of a rhinophyma, or lumpy thickening of the nose, the CO2 laser produces good results.